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St. Rafka Church, Livonia, MI

Rev. Dr. Rodrigue Constantin, Pastor

The Maronite Church is an Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with all Catholic Churches (i.e., Roman Catholics and Eastern Catholics). Therefore, any Catholic is welcome to worship and receive Communion at any Maronite Church.

We invite you to worship with us at St. Rafka Maronite Church. Our Sunday Liturgy (11:30 AM) is multi-lingual and includes prayers and music in English, Arabic, and Aramaic. Our parish is diverse and welcoming to all. We would love to meet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ, His Church, and for you, our neighbor.


We at St. Rafka Maronite Church carry on in this faith in our world and in our communities, evangelizing to those around us the truth of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church, Christ established.  We welcome you to join us in our Liturgy, partaking of the Eucharist, worshiping together with one voice, one faith, and as one body. Visit us for Sunday Liturgy.


The Maronite Church was established with the death of our patron, after whom our church is named, St. Maron, in 410 AD.  The Maronite Church has flourished for the last 1600 years in the Middle East, most notably in Lebanon and Syria, and the surrounding countries.   This way of our worship, always in communion with the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, came to this country over 100 years ago. 

​Saint Rafka Church began in Livonia as St. Rafka Mission in October 2003.

Learn more about our church history.


Our community shares in organizations and activities that promote a deeper knowledge of our faith for children, youth, families and adults, both young and old.  Activities promote a deepening of our faith and fellowship with one another.  We welcome visitors and new members as family and hope you’ll join us.

Learn more about our parish organizations.

Our Patron Saint
St. Rafka.jpg

About St. Rafka

Feast day: March 23

Beatified: November 16, 1985 by Pope John Paul II

Canonized: June 10, 2001, Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy by Pope John Paul II

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